Medical Services

Kenderdine Park is Ministry of Health certified . We care for residents prior to admission to private hospitals. We are not a private hospital.

A doctor attends the rest home weekly. Should urgent medical attention be required at night or during the weekend, then we will access an oncall physician.

Should a patient prefer his or her own doctor, this is accommodated but costs are incurred by the resident directly.

On occasion residents need to attend specialist, x-ray, medical centres, dentists or other such appointments. We encourage families to continue to take relatives to these appointments, however if none is available. the rest home will escort residents free of charge.

Should any patients require the services of a social worker this can also be arranged.

Nursing care is overseen by our Registered Nurse who is on call at all times.

Medications are controlled by nursing staff and kept to a minimum through consultation with our doctors and pharmacists. They are strictly monitored to ensure that medication is dispensed safely and correctly.

A podiatrist attends to any podiatry needs of the residents every six weeks. A physiotherapist is also available as required.