Safety Information

Safety at Kenderdine Park

Kenderdine Park is audited every two years by ACC for its Health and Safety Management programme and has received Teritary Level of compliance for the last eight years.

Kenderdine Park provides easy access from the inside to outside areas, therefore the likelihood of falls and accidents is greatly reduced. Showers, toilets and bathrooms all have handrails to assist clients and to make them feel secure.

We comply with the Health and Safety Act and have identified hazards in and around the home that could occur. Procedures are in place to minimize risk.

Our staff is well trained in the use of all equipment in relationship to persons with disabilities. Staff are given ongoing training in all aspects of dealing with the frail elderly client and to provide a safe and secure environment.

The building is equipped with sprinklers, smoke alarms and a direct connection to the fire service. Building warrant of fitness is up to date per the Building Act 1991. This indicates that all fire safety and monitoring systems, fighting equipment and all facilities with disabilities met the requirements as set by the Act.

For the health and safety of both residents and staff, we have a NO SMOKING policy within the building.

At night all external doors are locked as required for staff and resident safety.