Dietary Info

Kenderdine Park Dietary Information

Breakfast (7:00-8:00 am) served in bed or in dining room. A variety of cereals, porridge, toast and various spreads are available as well as tea, coffee and milo.

Morning Tea (9.30am) Tea, coffee and fresh baking is provided.

Lunch (11.50am) This is the main meal of the day. It includes a main desert and a drink.

Afternoon Tea (2:00 – 2:30 pm)

Dinner (5:00 pm) In the dining room, a light meal consisting of a savoury dish or sandwiches with soup, fresh fruit and tea or coffee.

Supper (7:30 pm) Tea, coffee or milo, served to residents location.

Diabetic, weight reduction, soft, low salt and high calcium diets are provided if required. A nutritional review of the menu is conducted by a registered dietitian. We try very hard to cater for all likes and dislikes.